What is Port and Starboard on a Boat?

13 February 2022
What is Port and Starboard on a Boat? Port and Starboard are both nautical terms that are used to describe the left and right sides of a ship, boat or vessel. They are defined by an observer onboard the vessel looking forward with Port being to the left of the observer and Starboard to the

What are Spring and Neap Tides?

9 February 2022
What are Spring and Neap Tides? In one lunar month, two Neap and two Spring tides occur. They are a caused by the combined gravitational force of the Moon and Sun which result in bigger than average tides (in the case of a Spring tide), or smaller than average (in the case of a Neap

Can honey beat antibiotics?

8 September 2021
In this world of viruses, coughs, colds and flu, are we overlooking a natural alternative …? Humans have known about the health benefits of honey for thousands of years… …in fact, it was such a prized commodity that some societies, such as the ancient Greeks, even worshipped it as a nectar of the Gods, some